System Tournament Start Time Tentative Started
PCRocket League 3v32023-03-17 21:00:00NoNoview
PCWreckfest2023-03-17 23:00:00NoNoview
PCCS:GO 5v52023-03-18 10:00:00NoNoview
PCApex Legends - Trios2023-03-18 14:00:00NoNoview
PCMyStErY ToUrNeY2023-03-18 14:00:00NoNoview
PCTeamfortress 2 6v62023-03-18 16:00:00NoNoview
PCFITES Trivia2023-03-18 17:00:00NoNoview
PCLeft 4 Dead 2 - Scavenge2023-03-18 20:00:00NoNoview

CS:GO 5v5 rules:

TBD CS:GO at FITES 2023 will be run entirely by FITES staff.

CS:GO 5v5 is scheduled to start in:

CS:GO 5v5 - Teams