System Tournament Start Time Tentative Started
PCRocket League 3v32023-03-17 21:00:00NoYesview
PCWreckfest2023-03-17 23:00:00NoYesview
PCCS:GO 5v52023-03-18 10:00:00NoYesview
PCApex Legends - Trios2023-03-18 14:00:00NoNoview
PCMyStErY ToUrNeY2023-03-18 14:00:00NoNoview
PCTeamfortress 2 6v62023-03-18 16:00:00NoYesview
PCFITES Trivia2023-03-18 17:00:00NoNoview
PCLeft 4 Dead 2 - Scavenge2023-03-18 20:00:00NoYesview
Left 4 Dead 2 - Scavenge

Left 4 Dead 2 - Scavenge rules:

The easiest way to connect to the LAN server is to have one of the team captains enter the following command in their console and create a lobby. This command forces the TF2 Lobby to look for the list of local servers. mm_dedicated_force_servers||| The lobby leader is responsible for setting the correct map, gametype (scavenge), and Best Of Rounds. Round Style: All rounds will be BO3 with the exception of the championship match, which will be BO5. Map Pool: The following maps will be played in order as needed according to the number of rounds: • Dark Carnival - Motel • The Parish - Park • Dead Center - Mall Atrium • Swap Fever - Plank Country • Hard Rain - Milltown • Death Toll - Ranch House The map for the championship match will be No Mercy – Rooftop Finale. Ban List: NA Additional Information: Teams will be matched at random before the tournament begins. Map list will repeat if there are more rounds than maps in the map pool.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Scavenge - Teams

Down To Fiesta
  • R£Ap£R
  • TheMexican
  • ßι⊕⊕d_šm⊕κε
  • KCherry
pickled piper
  • Mercenary At Large
  • Cerberus3
  • Booka
  • Xpex